Finally ! Lean doesn’t seem to be In… 

Finally ! Lean doesn’t seem to be In… 

I have never been skinny and lean. I have always braced myself the way I am. Happy go lucky, foodie, and having a healthy weight. In my growing years, through my college, I was petrified to see girls so skinny around me. They were the so called style icons. But eventually they ended up looking weak. 

I used to think, is it worth loosing weight and going down to size zero. But then I realized its more important to feel fit, than being skinny.

But for the past one year, I have seen a welcoming change. Today when I stop by and see the college crowd around, I see that the girls are no longer skeletons like thin. They look healthy by the weight. They look good and relieved. N hey, I also see them as as style icons in their group. 

It feels so good to see the younger crowd maintaining a good and healthy weight. They are no longer ruled by the size zero concept. I see them working out, but not to loose weight, its more for being fit and healthy. They eat what they like. Unlike years ago when eating salads was considered wow, and eating sandwiches was considered omg. I think this change should stay. After all, a healthy body is a secret to a healthy mind.

“Hey listen to me”, says Inner voice

“Hey listen to me”, says Inner voice


Gut feeling, intuition: These are nothing but our inner voice communicating with us. If you are calm and composed, you can easily talk to yourself. There is a higher energy which guides us through our life. It is the voice inside you which speaks to you and tells you ” I think this is wrong for me”, ”This is perfect for me”. Somehow it knows what you should do. Its always communicating with us, we just need to hear it.

You will come across various people giving you various opinions, but the best opinion is that of your inner voice. There may be times when you need counselling, at that time, just sit down with a cup of coffee in some silent place and breath, you will hear your inner voice talking to you and you will soon start feeling better.

The best way to develop your inner voice is to connect with yourself. The more you are connected to yourself, the more you are aware. The only way to connect with yourself is through meditation. We get caught up in our daily life so much to the extent that we never meditate and hence we lack self awareness. We must make it a routine every morning at least 10 minutes sit down and meditate. You do not need any fancy equipment for it. Trust me, along with self awareness, better inner voice, you will also feel light and balanced through out the day. Your ability to handle stress will also improve. Try it out..

beYOUtiful- nothing but YOU

beYOUtiful- nothing but YOU


Why are you so harsh at yourself? Let go of the unwanted chains which are holding you back. We are human beings, one of the most beautiful creations of God. We are here to live life, take experiences, learn and teach.

We fall in love with people, but have you fallen in love with yourself? When was the last time you looked at yourself, smiled and said with all your heart, I love you. Let loose of fear, because everything you want is just waiting for you on the other side of fear. All you need is a leap of faith. Understand what you really want, understand what the real self is, and stop pretending the false image you have been carrying.

It’s ok to not be accepted by everyone, there will be people who is not accept you even if you shed your skin for them. You are not meant to please everyone. Just be yourself, the ones who want to be with you will show up in your life and stay.

Sometimes it’s ok to save the last piece of pizza or have the best piece of cake for yourself. You too deserve to have it. We humans have a tendency to save the best piece for the ones we love, but wouldn’t they want us to have it.

It’s ok to not be well groomed all the time. The ones who are with you will accept you at your best and at your worst. God dint create us with makeup. It’s the society, the fashion magazine which expects us to be well groomed all the time. That doesn’t define us. What defines us are our inner beauty and our virtues.

It’s ok to be plus size. It’s important to feel healthy. Size is just a number. It’s sad to see models starving themselves just to fit in the tiniest dress. In fact due to that, they have to suffer health problems. This should stop. Why can’t we as a society accept healthy models? Why do media make a fuss if an actor gains a few kilos? It’s their life; they can do what they wish to.

It’s ok to Cry. It’s important to release all your emotions. It’s a part of a healthy life.

It’s ok to make yourself your priority. You need to have a self-worth. Unless you don’t take yourself seriously, no one will ever take you seriously.

This is the only life we have. Smile at it, live for it. Accept yourself and be confident of what you are. Until next time guys, think about it. Cheers.. 🙂