beYOUtiful- nothing but YOU

beYOUtiful- nothing but YOU


Why are you so harsh at yourself? Let go of the unwanted chains which are holding you back. We are human beings, one of the most beautiful creations of God. We are here to live life, take experiences, learn and teach.

We fall in love with people, but have you fallen in love with yourself? When was the last time you looked at yourself, smiled and said with all your heart, I love you. Let loose of fear, because everything you want is just waiting for you on the other side of fear. All you need is a leap of faith. Understand what you really want, understand what the real self is, and stop pretending the false image you have been carrying.

It’s ok to not be accepted by everyone, there will be people who is not accept you even if you shed your skin for them. You are not meant to please everyone. Just be yourself, the ones who want to be with you will show up in your life and stay.

Sometimes it’s ok to save the last piece of pizza or have the best piece of cake for yourself. You too deserve to have it. We humans have a tendency to save the best piece for the ones we love, but wouldn’t they want us to have it.

It’s ok to not be well groomed all the time. The ones who are with you will accept you at your best and at your worst. God dint create us with makeup. It’s the society, the fashion magazine which expects us to be well groomed all the time. That doesn’t define us. What defines us are our inner beauty and our virtues.

It’s ok to be plus size. It’s important to feel healthy. Size is just a number. It’s sad to see models starving themselves just to fit in the tiniest dress. In fact due to that, they have to suffer health problems. This should stop. Why can’t we as a society accept healthy models? Why do media make a fuss if an actor gains a few kilos? It’s their life; they can do what they wish to.

It’s ok to Cry. It’s important to release all your emotions. It’s a part of a healthy life.

It’s ok to make yourself your priority. You need to have a self-worth. Unless you don’t take yourself seriously, no one will ever take you seriously.

This is the only life we have. Smile at it, live for it. Accept yourself and be confident of what you are. Until next time guys, think about it. Cheers.. 🙂



Thoughts offshore

Thoughts offshore


”The waves of the sea help me get back to me”. When I stand on the deck in the evening, these thoughts help awaken the philosophical side of me. So, the other day I was watching Pirates of the Caribbean. You can never feel a movie until you are in a similar environment. For the first time while watching this movie, I was at the sea and OMG imagine the thoughts I was having. The very next early morning the ship started rolling !! haha, seriously..

Remember, I had mentioned in my previous article about the cyclone. Well, this rolling was due to the cyclone which was just 300 miles away from us. We wanted to avoid the cyclone and hence we were stranded at the distance to avoid its impact. Suddenly early in the morning, confused, I wake up Mr. Hubby and ask about the rolling by saying,

”Hey wakey, morning, I mean early morning, I mean midnight, whatever, what is happening, why is the ship rolling so much?”.

Mr. Hubby replies, ”It’s the effect of the cyclone, and this is not yet rolling, this is just the beginning”

I said, ”Is the cyclone coming towards us, what are we going to do??”. He replies, ”ufcoz when you are here the cyclone is bound to come and say a hello to you, it knows you are here. :)”

lol this suddenly made the situation a little lite for me. Oh btw, the cyclone was not coming towards us, it had another route.

But when he said that this is just the beginning, I was terrified. That’s because I was already feeling like a sea saw. So on ship we need to keep all our stuff on anti-skid mats. And today I understood the importance of doing so. Early morning, some of my stuff was lying off the mat. I could hear my stuff falling hear n there due to rolling. I suddenly picked it up and kept it on the mat.

Mr. Hubby laughs and intervenes, ”I told you to keep everything on the mat”. With a puppy face I replied ”Sorry”. Mr. Hubby was delighted to hear this. He said, ”How good it feels to hear my wife say Sorry. ” lol..

The intensity of the rolling did increase through out the day. I thought it might take a toll on my health. But luckily I survived the day. To cheer me up, I experienced a lovely evening with soo many colours in the sky, here is the pic


The next morning we were expecting it to be the same, but it was a smooth day.

I think I was happy that I got to experience the rolling because its a part of the sea life and such experiences always make you realise that these things may come and go but what remains is how to face the situation. How stronger you are after the situation. Similarly, in life, there are good and bad things that you may have to face, but what matters is how you faced it. who helped you through it, and what did you learn from it. Until next time guys, cheers..

The tale of port and curry..

The tale of port and curry..


“Smell the sea and feel the sky, the voice of the sea speaks to the soul”. The vast sea compels you to speak to your own soul, it somehow sets you free. It calms your mind.

So we were at the port of Qingdao, China for discharging the cargo which we carried. Right from the process of berthing to the process of discharge, I was completely engrossed in it. It was such a learning experience for me. I had never seen this before. I always wondered how this huge ship prepares for loading and discharging the cargo . So to understand the process, I was allowed on the bridge from where I could get a clear picture. We had 6 high power tugs which came to assist in the process of birthing the ship. In layman’s language, those tugs help us to park the skip in the direction desired and the degree required. The process of discharge of cargo followed soon. All the officers working day and night, without any fix timing of work. While discharging, one can be called at any point of time. So nobody gets to rest for the few days when discharge goes on. I was tired just seeing the process!!! I could them imagine the condition of the officers and crew. haha…

So apparently I am the only wife on board right now. Out of curiosity, everyone was keen to know the speciality of Sindhi cuisine. And immediately it was Sindhi curry which came to my mind. Everyone seemed to be interested in it. So I was more than happy to treat them with the delicious curry. There are chefs on the ship, who prepare delicious food for us. But, that day I felt like a pro when I took over the kitchen to make my speciality. The chef’s helped me with the quantity as it was for 25 people. It turned out to be really tasty. I am not saying it, that’s what everyone said. 😉 but a task well accomplished..

After 3 days of discharging the cargo, we left from the port. The weather report updated us about a cyclone which we are expected to face in the coming few days. So let’s see what happens in the coming few days… Until next article, enjoy guys…



The experience of being on board a merchant ship

The experience of being on board a merchant ship



My previous post was about my day before I joined my Mr. Hubby on the ship. I was welcomed by very warm greetings by each and every officer on board. The feeling came to me gushing that oh yeah I am a chief officers’ wife and it’s not an ordinary thing. My husband has been excellent in his duties and hence he carries a tag of being perfect which I realise I have to carry while I am on board. I hope that should not be a problem. The reason here is that I have always been a sincere nerd in whatever I do, that comes to me naturally as well. 🙂

I am now so spoilt by waking up to the most amazing view surrounded by water; I fear what I will do when on land. This profession demands punctuality and discipline, and hence I am also supposed to follow all the rules and guidelines when on board. We have a fixed time for breakfast, lunch and dinners, which is usually early. Our dinner is done till 7.00 PM.

I have set up a routine for myself. Early breakfast, watch a series, Lunch, continue the series, hit the gym, take a walk, evening play a sport as a team member, sit in the recreational area before dinner, dinner, read a book. After the dinner, my husband usually gets free, so we prefer to talk or watch something with a cup of coffee. Being a coffee fan, Mr. Hubby has already installed a hot water dispenser in the room so I can have my cuppa day anytime. Well, that’s how I have been enjoying my day.

But boy! These men have been working so hard all through the three months and hence they deserve the holiday period. It’s a lot that goes into a merchant navy officer. The type of work is immensely different, critical. Their contracts range from 3 months work-3 months leave and so on, 6 months work-6 months leave and so on. This depends on the company they are working with. Mr. Hubby has routine of 3-3. Good for me!

I have come across so people who say to the sailors, Oh! Merchant navy, you must be visiting the whole world, it must be an easy job, drinks, paid vacations and all that non-sense. To those people I say, Get it clear, this is not a cake walk profession. Merchant navy is so powerful that it can build or weaken the economy of any country. These men are so well trained; right from framing a master plan to rescuing us from the deadliest situation, they can do the toughest. Can we do that?? Haha, I am sure we can’t. A word of caution people, NEVER EVER MESS WITH A SAILOR..

Hah, so folks we are on the way to a port in China to discharge the cargo. But due to formalities, I am still not sure whether I get to visit the city in free time or no..haha.. Everything is last minute. The team is very good here. They have never let me feel left out. They always involve me in their talks and sports. I am for sure going to miss this team when I am back on land. At the end of the day when the officers talk, somehow I do realise they are missing their family and kids way back home. They all are waiting to finish their three months of contract so that they get to be with their family for three months again. This reinstates my belief that Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Think about it. Until next time buddies..cheers


My day before I joined my hubby onboard ship

My day before I joined my hubby onboard ship


I am a merchant navy wife, means my husband is a naval officer. So right now I am on this amazing experience of sailing with my husband. Which means I get to holiday at his work place. Haha..

To the other navy wives who are reading my blog, they can very well understand the feeling of euphoria which I have when I am on the ship with him.

Let me give you all a background, after the tedious and lengthy process of arranging numerous visas and permissions, finally I got a chance to accompany my sailor. I flew to Singapore and from there they would pick me on-board. After a midnight flight to my destination, I had a day to rest before I join my Chief Officer. I preferred to get some rest as it was going to be a long night because 4 am was their ETA to pick me. As soon I reached the airport, the company representatives were there to receive me and drop me to the hotel. My room had a lovely city view from the window. I quickly had my portion of breakfast and headed for a shopping spree so that I get the second half of the day at my leisure.  I choose to walk down since it was near to my hotel. Quickly wrapped up my sair-sapaata and returned by lunch time. I was a little nervous because the entire process was building up some anxiety. I decided to take a power nap till evening. After an early dinner, the company representatives were back to pick me and drive me down to the port. I quickly checked out and headed towards the port.

The Singapore port is one of the most organised and busy ports. I had to go through yet another immigration process. There I found out that 2 more officers were boarding along with me.

Finally I was a step closer to meet my hubby. But wait, not so easy… there was yet another boat waiting to receive me. It took me 2 hrs in that boat till I reach the point where I was supposed to board the ship. I was 1 hour early than their ETA. So the wait was still on. In the meantime, I was just enjoying the coast line of Singapore and the rolling waters. Then the captain of the boat signalled me to wear my life jacket as it was the time for the ship to arrive. I wore my life jacket and went on the deck of the boat.

I has so many thoughts before I met my Mr. Chief Officer. Then suddenly I see this huge massive ship arriving slowly. My mind suddenly yelled.. OMG this is sooo huge. I had seen the pictures before but it was bigger than I had imagined. Slowly they anchored the small boat parallel to the ship where they lowered the pilot ladder for us to climb. I could see my husband with other officers busy in completing all the necessary formalities and arrangements.

I slowly grabbed the pilot ladder and climbed a few meters where they lowered the gangway from where I climbed further. The other two officers climbed after I did. Well, I still haven’t met my hubby…. After climbing and reaching the deck of the ship, we saw the officers (and my hubby) coming our way to greet us. And yes, finally I get to meet my man..And I was on-board this huge ship to sail for a few weeks with my better half… 🙂